Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan – OGU 2022
The 24th International Exhibition and Conference
May 18-20, 2022
“Made in Russia” is the umbrella brand under which thirty-six top Russian companies will present their technologies and equipment developments for the oil and gas industry at the exhibition and conference “Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan – OGU”. The “OGU – 2022” exhibition is the meeting place of the world leading producers, suppliers and consumers of oil and gas, scientists and heads of ministries and departments.
“Made in Russia” is a national brand created to increase awareness and expand the audience of Russian products, goods, projects, and companies in the domestic market and outside the country.
project can be considered as: cataloguing of Russian companies, which become the basis for forming the image of modern Russia and its reputation as a producer of high-quality goods
The goal of the "Made in Russia"
provides informational support for import substitution projects and initiatives

promotes the expansion of business contacts, and establishment of partnerships

offers a set of tools that help businesses to present their products abroad

acts as a guarantor of integrity and reliability of business.
The project is aimed at the Russian entrepreneurs, as it:
Developments in the oil and gas chemical industry in Russia have great potential for promotion in foreign markets, especially in the countries of Central Asia. Technologies and equipment of Russian producers and suppliers are in demand due to high quality and functionality, timely service support and close cooperation of designers and customers at all stages of the project.